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| October 9, 2017


The DWA acquired off-premise properties in January-March 2012. After major renovation, the buildings provide storage and a breeding center. The sites also offer open land for horticulture, green house and/or future growth as needed. The 1.7 acres has 12,700 square feet state-of-the-art facilities that house an exemplary neotropical avian center. It is home to more than 60 species of birds and a few small mammals.


The Class of Aves is made up of an estimated 10,000+ species, which are classified in 40+ orders and 230+ families. The taxonomy of birds not only varies in number, but also in placement, depending on which reference you are using. More than 60 species make up the 11 orders housed at the off-premise breeding center.

Accipitriformes is an order of birds often referred to as birds of prey. The eyesight of these keen hunters, along with their speed, size, strength, long talons and the shape of their beaks make them formidable predators. Black-and-white hawk eagles are also housed at the center.

Harpy eagle

Black hawk-eagle

Ornate hawk-eagle

Rhinoceros hornbill

Buceritiformes is an order of birds in which hornbills are included. They are easily identified by the bill which is usually down-curved, often bright in color and sometimes sports a casque (included by some in the Coraciiformes order).

Blue-bellied roller

Coraciiformes is an order of small to medium-sized colorful birds such as the rollers.

Galliformes is a large order of chicken-like game birds. The 10 species at the facility include curassows, guans, turkeys, pheasants and quails. In addition to the birds shown below, White-throated wood-quails, Wattled guans, curassows (Wattled, Nocturnal and Southern Helmeted), Ocellated turkeys and Great argus pheasants and are at the center. Many of these birds have colorful knobs or wattles, bare skin on the neck or face, helmets or horns or crests/casques.

Blue-billed curassow

Yellow-knobbed curassow

Helmeted curassow

Grey-winged trumpeter

Gruiformes is an order of birds which mostly live, nest and feed on the ground. It includes rails, gallinules and trumpeters. Most species are mainly black, brown or gray with streaks.

Musophagiformes order includes medium-sized turacos. Most are crested and many have bare facial patches of skin. They have some of the most brilliant colors that contrast with their darker bodies.

White-crested turaco

Fischer’s turaco

Great blue turaco

Passeriformes is the largest order of birds and are sometimes referred to as song or perching birds – however birds in other orders are equally adept at singing and/or perching. Included are cocks-of-the rock, Capuchinbirds, oropendolas and manakins. In addition to the birds shown below, Capuchinbirds, Montezuma oropendolas and manakins (Red-capped, Lance-tailed and Yellow-capped) are housed at the center.

Andean cock-of-the-rock

Andean cock-of-the-rock (sanguinolentus)

Guiana cock-of-the-rock

Piciformes is an order represented by the aracaris, toucanets and toucans at the ABC. Their colorful, often patterned and over-sized bills make they quite comical and recognizable. Included in the Ramphastidae family are: toucanets (smallest), aracaris and toucans (largest). Toucanets at the center include: Black-masked emerald, Blue-throated, Saffron, Crimson-rumped, Blue-banded, Guianan and Spot-billed. Aracaris at the center are: Curl-crested, Fiery-billed, Chestnut-eared, Humboldt’s lettered, Green, Ivory-billed, Ivory billed (flavirostris), Pale-mandibled, Many-banded and Black-necked. In addition to the toucans shown below, Ariel, Cuvier’s, Tocos and Keel-billed are at the center.

Plate-billed mountain toucan

Red-breasted toucan

Swainson’s toucan

Psittaciformes is an order that includes such colorful birds as macaws, parakeets, parrots and cockatoos. Hawk-headed parrots are also at the center.

Yellow-headed Amazon parrot

Scarlet macaw

Blue-throated macaw

Tinamiformes is an order made up of birds that are somewhat chicken-like in appearance. Not particularly colorful, they are usually shades of brown and/or gray and may be patterned with bars or spots.

Greater tinamou

Elegant crested tinamou

Trogoniformes is an order that includes some of the most beautiful and elusive birds in the world – quetzals and trogons. Their plumage is unequaled in color and design.

Crested or Red-eyed quetzal

Golden-headed quetzal

Resplendent quetzal

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