Regardless of age, a trip to The Dallas World Aquarium provides a learning experience for everyone! Your visit can be a simple education experience or an in-depth study of the habitat, conservation, distribution, anatomy, reproduction and behavioral/structural adaptations of plants and animals. Each adult receives a Field Guide which provides a layout of the facility and highlights some of the plants and animals. More than 55 Touch Screens are provided near the exhibits, offering in-depth information about the more obvious species.

Your journey begins in the canopy of a South American rainforest filled with rare and indigenous plants and animals. The path leads past monkeys, Giant river otters, many species of toucans and Orinoco crocodiles. The River exhibit allows for an underwater glimpse of Antillean manatees, huge turtles and Arapaima. The Aquarium portion contains 85,000 gallons of saltwater, including a 22,000 gallon walk-through tunnel. Wrasses, Japanese spider crabs and rare Leafy seadragons are some of the intriguing marine life. Black-footed penguins entertain in an outdoor South African lagoon, while Fairy penguins can be seen swimming in their pool on the second level of the Mundo Maya exhibit. The path ascends into the Mundo Maya exhibit with the “tree of life” towering overhead. Venomous snakes, sharks, Jaguar, endangered sea turtles and several species of owls and eagles are only a few of the interesting animals.