The population of the American crocodile was studied at the Sumidero Canyon National Park from 1993 to 2003 detailing the natural history. The habitat of this species was changed in 1980 when a hydroelectric dam was built. At the beginning of the study, only one active nest was located but in the end there were more than ten nesting females. The nests type was hole and the hatchlings hatch after 80 days of incubation; the growth during the first years is 0.1 mm / day. Juveniles feed on insects and fish, and then increase the size of their preys. The young tend to move more actively than adults, which can be seen throughout the year in the same territory. Human activities that threaten the species in this site are hunting, incidental catch in gillnets and camping on the nesting sites.

12 La Historia Natural de Crocodylus acutus en el PNCS, Chiapas. Sigler L.