Located near the Historic West End in downtown Dallas, The Dallas World Aquarium is available for private events beginning at 6:00 PM. Spend an evening among marine life of the South Pacific, Great Barrier Reef, and the Red and Tasman Seas; take a stroll through a South American rainforest surrounded by lush vegetation, free-flying toucans, otters, crocodiles and several species of monkeys; or visit the Yucatan Peninsula and the highland rainforest of the ancient Maya.

The dining and event areas available at The Dallas World Aquarium allow for a multitude of culinary experiences. A Certificate of Occupancy (2,800) is adequate for unique accommodations of both seated service and informal functions. Catering services are provided by Daryl’s By Design. A Dallas-based catering company since 1985, expert in-house staff provide the ultimate attention to detail and creativity in presentation, cuisine and service. In addition to the Aquarium (Reef Room and Port Hole),Rainforest and Mundo Maya, an additional area, known as the Endangered Species Gallery, is available in the adjoining “Yellow Building”.

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