Joel Sartore

| April 29, 2014

Joel Sartore at a game preserve in South Africa.The DWA was recently visited by master wildlife photographer and 20-year contributor to National Geographic magazine, Joel Sartore. He photographed several species on exhibit at the Dallas World Aquarium for his PhotoArk project, whose goal is to document biodiversity, showing what’s at stake and to get people to care while there’s still time. For the Photo Ark project, Joel mostly photographs captive animals, at the world’s zoos and aquariums, visiting well-run facilities where there is abundant attention and care. Joel has stated that he likes the educational aspect of zoos, and feels strongly that live animal ambassadors are needed to engage the masses if we’re to have a real shot at moving public opinion. We are pleased and proud to share several photos he took of our collection, the Photo Ark project, and the spirit of its mission. More of the over 3,200 species he’s photographed for the project can be found at: – ©Joel Sartore /

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