Blackeye Goby

Blackeye Goby, Rhinogobiops nicholsii

The body of the Blackeye goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii) is usually a light beige to olive in color with darker spots and mottling. The body coloration and its spots can change if needed. A thick black edge can be seen on the fore-dorsal fin. The raised, big black eyes are responsible for its common name.

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Guiana crested Eagle

Guiana crested Eagle, Morphnus guianensis

Some of the few captive specimens have been mistaken for the much larger Harpy eagle. This remarkable resemblance extends to juvenile plumage — newly fledged birds of both species have white heads. Crested eagles usually eat smaller monkeys than Harpies, and more often hunt reptiles. Like the Harpy eagle, it is considered Near Threatened, since […]

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Black-necked Aracari

Black-necked Aracari, Pteroglossus aracari

Description: Black-necked aracaris have a black head and throat with dark green to almost black back and tail. Its undersides are yellow with a red band and rump. The upper bill (maxilla) is ivory and the lower bill (mandible) is black. Sexes are similar. Size: One of the larger aracaris, it measures 14-18 inches (36-46 […]

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Spot-billed Toucanet

Spot-billed Toucanet, Selenidera maculirostris

Description: The head of the male is black except for the bluish-green bare skin around the eyes and the yellow ear-tufts. The upperparts and tail are olive-green. The bill is ivory with black vertical stripes, large spots and a yellowish tip. Females are similar but the head is chestnut and the underparts are a rufous […]

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Saffron Toucanet

Saffron Toucanet, Pteroglossus bailloni

Description: This toucanet is easily identified by its saffron yellow head and breast, olive mantle and red rump. Sexes are similar but the female is duller (somewhat more olive in color) and the bill is shorter. The greenish-horn bill has red patches surrounded by yellowish-gray at the base. The rump and ocular skin are red. […]

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Pied Tamarin

Pied Tamarin, Saguinus bicolor

Description: The Pied tamarin (Saguinus bicolor) is white on its shoulders and front, with a striking dark brown back, hind part and upper tail. The fur lightens to a rust color on the lower belly, inner thighs and underside of the tail. The bald head has black skin and the large ears add to the […]

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Guianan Cock-of-the-rock

Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, Rupicola rupicola

Description: Male Guianan cocks-of-the-rock are bright orange birds with large, orange, half-moon crests on their heads. This edge of the crest is lined with a brown band. The crest remains erect and covers the bill. They have black and white wing bars and black on their tails. The bill, legs, and skin are orange as […]

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Crimson-Rumped Toucanet

Crimson-Rumped Toucanet, Aulacorhynchus haematopygus

Description: Crimson-rumped toucanets are mostly green in color and, as the name implies, have a red rump. They are somewhat darker and have a bronze tint above. The blue-green tail has some reddish-brown tips. The patch at the base of the mandible, area around the eyes and broad band across the breast are blue. The […]

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Harlequin Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp, Hymenocera picta

Description: The colorful pattern of the Harlequin or Clown shrimp makes this beautiful crustacean quite popular. Its white or cream colored body is covered with distinctive red and purple spots. It has ten legs; the first pair are modified large, flattened claws (chelipeds). The eyes are located on stalks. The first pair of antennae on […]

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Chestnut-Eared Aracari

Chestnut-Eared Aracari, Pteroglossus castanotis

Description: As the name implies, Chestnut-eared aracaris have a chestnut coloring around the throat and ears. The head is black and the back and tail dark green to almost black. Their undersides are yellow with a red band and rump. Their dark brown hooked beaks have a yellow-orange stripe along the bottom of the upper […]

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