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Featured Animals

Wideband anemonefish

The Wideband anemonefish differs from its other clownfish relatives in the fact that it has a large white band in the center of its body. Like the McCullochi clownfish, the Latezonatus clownfish has only recently become available to aquarium hobbyists due to unprecedented success by marine aquaculturists. The natural range of the Wideband anemonefish extends from Southern Queensland to Northern New South Wales and Lord Howe Island.

African green pigeon

The 23 species of Green pigeons are found in Africa, Asia and the Lesser Sundas. They are usually found in trees, where they eat fruit, especially figs. The green coloration is due to carotenoid pigments similar to those that produce the red and pink plumage of flamingos. While common over a wide area of Tropical Africa, this species is not often seen in zoos.

Golden lion tamarin

Forty years ago, this magnificent monkey appeared on its way to extinction, both in its native Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil and in zoos as well. The wild population fell to less than 600, and in zoos, the number of deaths exceeded births. Over the next decade, improvements were made in zoo management, so that from a low of around 75, a self-sustaining population, today numbering nearly 500 world-wide, has been established. Through the reintroduction of captive-bred animals and habitat preservation, there are more than 1,000 in the wild.

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