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  • Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving


  • Adult - $20.95 + tax
  • Child - $14.95 + tax (2 thru 12)
  • Child - free (under 2)
  • Senior - $16.95 + tax (65+)
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Featured Animals

White-faced saki

Before the 1970s, this Northern South American monkey was very rare in captivity, but an improved understanding of its diet and health have led to this species being bred frequently, so that it is now one of the most widely-kept New World primates in American zoos. This is one of a relatively small number of primates where the sexes are easily told by their color; males are black with white faces, while females are grayish with a whitish line on either side of the muzzle.

Warty chameleon

Another very large chameleon of Madagascar, this lizard is slightly smaller than the very similar Oustalet's chameleon, and differs in having fewer spikes in the crest on its back. It is also found higher up in trees.

Moon jellyfish

This type of jellyfish is often cultured around the world. Their sting is not powerful because they are planktivores. The flower-like pattern in the center of the disk is composed of the reproductive organs; reproduction is both sexually and asexually. This delicate invertebrate is known to survive for only a few months in the wild, but can live for years in an aquarium environment.

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