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Featured Animals

Tomato clownfish

The Tomato clownfish is named for its bright red coloration, which can vary in shade from burnt orange to tomato red. They are one of the larger clownfish species, and can be one of the most aggressive. Females are generally larger than the males, and clownfish have the ability to change sex from male to female. In the Fiji exhibit, Tomato clowns frequently lay eggs, usually on the underside of a rock, and just underneath the safety of a large anemone.

Unicorn tang

While many surgeonfish draw attention with brilliant colors, this gray fish stands out for its bizarre shape, appearing as if it had a "nose". Feeding on algae and plankton in the wild, it enjoys lettuce and other leafy greens in aquariums. It can be found in schools from the Red Sea to many islands in the Pacific, including Hawaii, where it is a traditional food fish. Like other surgeonfish, it has defensive "scalpels" on its tail, but they are especially noticeable with this species because they are blue.

Mexican giant musk turtle

Known as the Gua in Mexico, this huge-headed turtle is also found in Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala. A giant among the musk and mud turtle family, it can attain a shell length of 14 inches. Despite its superficial resemblance to snapping turtles, it is not related. Prized as food because of its size, it is considered near-threatened. It is not common in collections, but has bred repeatedly at the DWA.

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