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Featured Animals

Blackeye Goby

The body of the Blackeye goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii) is usually a light beige to olive in color with darker spots and mottling. The body coloration and its spots can change if needed. A thick black edge can be seen on the fore-dorsal fin. The raised, big black eyes are responsible for its common name.

Victoria crowned pigeon

The largest members of the pigeon and dove family, the three species of crowned pigeons are found only in New Guinea and small nearby islands. All have powder-blue feathers and red eyes, but this species is distinguished by the unique "tabs" on its crest. Though capable of flight, it is usually found on the ground. It does well in captivity and has been bred in many collections.

Magnificent sea anemone

The Magnificent sea anemone, also call the Radianthus or Ritteri anemone for its previous name Radianthus ritteri, is one of the largest and most beautiful of the sea anemones and is a popular host for many species of clownfish. It can reach a size of about three feet in diameter. It is found in coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region from the Red Sea to Samoa. Although popular in the aquarium hobby, it has very specialized lighting and flow requirements and is known to move throughout the aquarium looking for its particular niche.

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