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  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily
  • Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving
  • From now until the end of the school year, Field Trips are booked Monday-Friday beginning at 9:00 am, with the fewest after 1:30 pm. The number of groups, individuals and their reservation times are posted at Admissions. Please call and ask about the approximate number of students and estimated departure times for a particular weekday.
  • Admission

    • Adult - $20.95 + tax
    • Child - $14.95 + tax (2 thru 12)
    • Child - free (under 2)
    • Senior - $16.95 + tax (65+)
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    Featured Animals

    Blue hippo tang

    The Blue hippo tang, also known as the Palette tang, or Hepatus tang, is a popular member of the Acathuridae family. This omnivorous fish can

    Four-eyed butterflyfish

    The "false eye" on the flanks of this fish is much larger than the real one in its head. This is a classic example of a distraction pattern which mis

    Clown triggerfish

    When this species first appeared in captivity more than 50 years ago, it created a sensation, and for years was known as "the most expensive aquarium

    Green oropendola

    These enormous grackle relatives are one of several species that build the hanging nests, looking like hairy bags, which can be seen in various places

    Recent Articles

    Earth Day 2015 Manatee Release

    In February 2008, The Dallas World Aquarium was contacted requesting assistance with four orphaned Amazonian manatees (Trichechus inunguis) in Iquitos


    “Welcome to the DWA” — frequently said by many of our ambassadors as you begin your journey through the rainforest....

    TOO CUTE — Pudu fawn!

    We want to introduce you to one of the cutest babies at The Dallas World Aquarium — our Southern pudu...


    The identification of the mammal at the top of our general admissions entrance area seems to stump everyone who sees...