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Bare-faced curassow

Found in a large area of Brazil, as well as Bolivia, Paraguay, and tropical Argentina, this has the southern-most range of the 14 species of curassows. All of these turkey-sized birds are considered delicious and subject to hunting pressure and most are of concern to conservationists. This species, however, is considered comparatively abundant, though no longer found in parts of its range. Rare in US zoos, it is widespread in European collections.

Striped shrimpfish

The Striped shrimpfish, or Razorfish, is an unusual fish that is a distant relative of the seahorses and pipefish. Its slender, flattened body allows it to hide amongst the branches of corals or spines of a sea urchin. It swims "upside down" in synchronized schools and feeds on tiny zooplankton. The Striped shrimpfish inhabits shallow coral reefs throughout the Indo-West Pacific.

Golden-collared Manakin

Found in Panama and Colombia, this little bird has proved adaptable to disturbed habitats, flourishing in second-growth woods. The elongated feathers, arranged like a beard beneath the male's throat, can be bunched together like a pointing finger, parallel with its beak. With those feathers thus positioned, the male performs its courtship display by darting suddenly from branch to branch while making startling snapping sounds with its wings. The only captive hatchings have taken place at the DWA, with twelve hatchings since the first in 2009.

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