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  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily
  • Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving


  • Adult - $20.95 + tax
  • Child - $14.95 + tax (2 thru 12)
  • Child - free (under 2)
  • Senior - $16.95 + tax (65+)
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Featured Animals

Fork-snouted catfish

No relation to sturgeons, this huge relative of the little "talking catfishes" (popular with aquarists) possesses similar looking bony scutes along its side, giving it a prehistoric appearance. One of its other aquarium shop names is in fact "Prehistoric catfish" and another is "Ripsaw". Though exceeding three feet in length, they feed almost entirely on invertebrates and detritus, as one might deduce from their small mouths.

Victoria crowned pigeon

The largest members of the pigeon and dove family, the three species of crowned pigeons are found only in New Guinea and small nearby islands. All have powder-blue feathers and red eyes, but this species is distinguished by the unique "tabs" on its crest. Though capable of flight, it is usually found on the ground. It does well in captivity and has been bred in many collections.

Tomato frog

As with many other brightly-colored amphibians, the color of this frog indicates it can secrete an unpleasant substance when seized, in this case a thick, mildly toxic mucous. Found in a variety of habitats all over Madagascar, it has been a popular zoo animal since the 1970s, and is frequently bred in captivity. Females are larger and more colorful than males, and can reach four inches in length.

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