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Featured Animals

Orange skunk clownfish

The Orange skunk clownfish is found from the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Australia to the Philippines and Melanesia. It is a close relative of the Pink skunk clown, A. perideraion, but differs in its orange coloration and single stripe along its dorsal area. Pink skunk clownfish, like their relatives are very territorial, rarely straying from the protection of their host sea anemone. They breed readily in aquariums and will spawn about every ten days. The average nest size is 300 eggs.

Longsnout seahorse

Of the three Caribbean seahorse species found in US waters, this one has the smallest distribution, being absent from the Gulf of Mexico. In the US, it is found only in North Carolina and the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Its range extends to Brazil, where it is an important species in the tropical fish trade. It is also called the Brazilian or Slender seahorse. Like most seahorses, the color can be highly variable, but tends towards bright yellows and oranges. Its favored habitat is seagrass beds and mangroves.

Leafy Seadragon

The DWA was one of the first facilities in the US to successfully maintain and display these beautifully ornate relatives of the seahorse. Due to their specialized dietary and habitat requirements, this species has not reproduced successfully in an aquarium environment. The DWA is an industry leader in the husbandry of this species and hopes to help find the key to their reproduction in the future. Leafy and Weedy seadragons are strictly protected and export is carefully regulated.

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