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Featured Animals

Strawberry anemone

The Strawberry anemone is a colonial invertebrate found in the temperate waters of the North American Pacific coast, from British Columbia to California. It feeds on small zooplankton such as copepods, capturing them in its stinging tentacles. Like other colonial invertebrates, the Strawberry anemone can reproduce by budding, which produces identical clones of each polyp. Clones of these anemones have been known to cover more than 10.8 square feet of the ocean floor.

Magnificent foxface

The Magnificent foxface is often considered the most attractive member of the Rabbitfish family. They are herbivorous in nature and can be seen grazing on algae throughout the day. Venomous dorsal spines and the ability to change color rapidly, help defend this coral reef dweller from predators.

Giant Pacific octopus

The Giant Pacific octopus is the largest species of octopus and has been known to reach sizes of 20-28 feet across and can weigh more than 100 pounds. The average arms span of an adult Giant octopus is about 15 feet. Like other species of octopus, the Giant octopus can secrete an ink screen to deter a predator and can inflict a venomous bite. They can change colors instantly, which is believed to communicate emotion.

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